Neuralink: the future of cyborgs is near

Neuralink, a company founded by Ilon Musk in 2016, received approval to conduct clinical trials of a chip to be implanted in the human brain. This chip will allow you to use your computer and phone without the help of your hands. Recruitment for the trial is not yet open.

Neurointerfaces and robots

Neuralink was created to bring together leading experts in the field of neurointerfaces and the creation of robots that allow the implantation of an almost unlimited number of electrodes into the brain in a fully automatic mode. In the distant future, according to Musk, such neural interfaces will allow humans to become cyborgs capable of resisting artificial intelligence, as well as help people learn to control computers directly through the power of thought.

Research on monkeys

Neuralink conducted a chip study on monkeys in February 2021. According to the company, the connection to the chip is through an iPhone. Specialists have studied and deciphered the connection between neural activity and certain actions, which allowed them to reproduce the feedback. Thus, the macaque monkey was taught to move the cursor on the screen without the help of a joystick.

The future of cyborgs

The idea of using neural interfaces to control machinery is not new. However, Neuralink is considered one of the major players in the market for the development of such technologies. Specialists claim that the company’s chip can help people with limited mobility and also become an important tool for scientific research of the brain.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea. Some scientists and experts believe that the use of neural interfaces can lead to serious consequences for human health and safety. In addition, there is a danger of misuse of this technology.

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