New costumes “polar bear” would protect astronauts from the cold

The crew of the expedition, which was launched to the ISS on 17 November, was dressed in special costumes, dubbed the “White bear”.

These costumes are developments of Russian specialists, who will protect the crew from cold prickly wind, dress up in suits. The crew members of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-03” put them just before the start, when he left the test complex.

On the creation of these “miracle” suits worked scientific production enterprise “Zvezda” and the staff of the cosmonaut training Center. Now astronauts will be able to feel completely comfortable even if the temperature is lower than – 40 degrees. In addition, to remove and wear the suit, astronauts do not need to spend a lot of effort. “White bear” is a quick and quickly put the suit. For example, to remove it, you just need to unfasten the front of the costume. She just stuck the Velcro. Unfastened it, the astronaut can easily get out of this suit.

These suits are “White bear” have excellent thermal insulation properties and do not cause the astronauts any inconvenience. They are almost identical with those costumes, which clothe the astronauts after their return to Earth from space.

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