New reusable paper, you can print the light

For the production of paper are used annually tens of tons of wood, and this ha “lungs of our planet”. Therefore, the reduction of the use of wood is extremely important for our existence. Recycling only partially addresses this issue. But a team of scientists from Shandong University (China), the University of California riverside and the National laboratory behalf of the Lawrence (USA) have developed a new type of reusable paper which can be written with the help of light waves.

In this paper, “new type” uses special nanoparticles that can change color under the influence of ultraviolet light spectrum. Thinnest coating containing these nanoparticles can be deposited on the surface of almost all materials. The process of erasing such a “paper” occurs in the course of its heating to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. According to the inventor, Professor University of California Agong In

“We managed to develop a new class of photographic material, reversibly alters its color when exposed to light. And as a demonstration of the possibilities of this material, we created samples of rewritable paper that can be used many times for printing which does not require any ink or toner. The present invention has many advantages in economic and environmental plan, it will allow us to get rid of the need of disposal and recycling of millions of tons of waste paper.”

The new reusable paper is a great solution in that case, if information relevant in the short period, for example, drafts or Newspapers and magazines. It can be used as for writing by hand, using a special light pen and special light printers designed specifically for paper of this type.

“We believe that the rewritable paper can be successfully used for the manufacture of Newspapers, magazines, advertising posters and other printed materials, which has small term relevance. In addition to paper, our technique can be used in many other areas, for example, in various sensors, the stickers with the shelf life of products and so forth.”

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