New stingray species discovered

A team of researchers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has discovered a new species of stingray in the Persian Gulf. The El-Balad portal writes about this.

Representatives of the Abu Dhabi Environmental Protection Agency noticed a new representative of cartilaginous fish while exploring the resources of the bay. Recorded marine animals are distinguished by a special striped pale blue coloration, which is not very characteristic of rays, but is more common in cyprinids of the eagle minnow species.

At the moment, more than 630 species of stingrays have been recorded, which are widely distributed in the world’s oceans – they can be found from the Arctic to the Antarctic, including tropical waters.

In April 2022, scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in the United States recorded a new species of deep-sea jellyfish, Atolla reynoldsi. This name was given to marine animals in honor of one of the longtime employees of the institute – Jeff Reynolds.

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