New technology will allow you to become a virtual passenger in the car

The new device was presented at CES 2019. The Voyage XR includes a set of sensors, sensors and cameras that are installed inside the car, as well as an integrated virtual reality helmet. Thanks to this system, a person can be virtually present in the car.

Voyage XR can be used for a variety of purposes. It can train truck drivers, or use it to look after children who have been allowed to ride on the parent machine. Older family members who cannot go on a long journey with all their relatives, thanks to Voyage XR, can stay with the family – and not having phoned on the phone, but with the effect of “full immersion”.

The driver himself can also see the virtual passenger in his car: his “avatar” will appear in the rearview mirror. The passenger, in turn, can change the viewing angle inside the car, project auto photos onto the front panel and even speak to the driver. So surely those motorists who are fleeing from annoying pointers on trips will not use such a system.

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