New victims of Vesuvius found in Pompeii

Italian archaeologists have discovered the remains of five people during the excavation of a house in the city of Pompeii, destroyed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

According to ANSA, the find was made at the archaeological site of Regio V. Five human skeletons were found in the bedroom of a dwelling house buried under a layer of volcanic ash.

“Probably, this group of people took refuge in the bedroom in a desperate attempt to escape from the” volcanic rain “, – says the head of the excavation Massimo Osanna. – This is an amazing discovery, very important for the story.”

It has already been established that the remains belong to two women and three children. Further analysis will determine the age at which they died.

It is noteworthy that the skeletons were found in the same house, on the wall of which recently archaeologists discovered a sensational inscription.

She confirmed the theory that the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius occurred in October 79 AD, and not in August, as previously thought.

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