New York City bombs are suggested to settle in honeycombs

The design agency from New York suggested wisely to use the blind walls of high-rise buildings, fixing on them such a semblance of honeycomb from a beehive created on a 3D printer, turning the walls not only into an art object, but also providing them with useful functions. First, on the honeycomb it is possible to attach displays, creating fashionable outdoor advertising, and secondly, inside each capsule fixed on the wall, the homeless can live.

“The problem of disadvantaged people in New York has not gone away. Moreover, every year it is increasingly aggravated due to a number of factors. The city and state government are trying to solve the problem, but so far its programs do not bring the result. We propose to partially solve it with the help of design and 3D printing, turning the blind walls of high-rise buildings into a stylish urban decoration, which can also help many people, “the agency’s website reports.

The front side of the “honeycomb modules” is suggested to be covered with aluminum, steel and insulated, to the wall it is possible to fix each honeycomb to specially prepared forests in advance with flights of stairs. Thanks to modern technologies of 3D-printing, the dead wall of a standard five-story house can be clad with such residential “honeycombs” in just a few days.

The interior of each capsule is also proposed from the economy to be printed on a 3D printer from recyclable plastic waste. A bed, a window, a door with a lock, a storage system, ventilation and intelligent lighting will allow you to live comfortably in the module at any time of the year.

The “clever” glasses of the day will be mirrored, not allowing to see from the street what is happening inside. In the evening, you can turn them into multimedia screens, broadcast advertising and earn money in this way.

The project developers emphasize that the printed honeycombs can not completely solve the problem, but as a temporary solution they are very good. Nevertheless, for a while this can really help.

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