New York turns into the city of living dead persons

In the summer of this year several dozens of residents of New York got poisoned with the new type of “spices” created by the Pfizer company whose strongest braking effect turns people into the real zombies with a deferred reaction, the scientists who published article in the magazine of New England Journal of Medicine found out.

“Similar “zombie” – a syndrome is extremely atypical for this purpose as there is poisoning with synthetic kannabinoida. Usually they lead to more serious consequences, such as failure of kidneys or the most severe attacks, however in this case only braking of nervous system is observed” — Roy Gerona from university of California in San Francisco (USA) tells.

City of living dead persons

The New York Times newspaper reported on July 12 this year oh, it would seem, a common event – at once 33 persons in New York and its suburbs got poisoned with the same type of “spices” which was on sale dealers under the name “AK-47, 24 Carats of Gold”.

The reason of why about it one of the largest newspapers of the USA wrote, was that the use of these substances as eyewitnesses were expressed, turned them into the real zombies who almost were not reacting to the world around and answering questions with huge work and a delay. Moreover, as Dzherona and his colleagues write, these people periodically made sounds, similar to groans of the zombie in horror films, and sluggishly moved hands and legs at rest.

Similar substances get to the USA, Russia and other countries of the world from underground laboratories in China, and their chemical composition and how they affect an organism, actually nobody including their creators, knows. Therefore physicians actually should act at random when fans of synthetic analogs of marijuana get to resuscitation.

Dzherona and his colleagues decided to find out from where this “zombie” – a spice undertook and as it affects an organism. For this purpose scientists addressed to health service of New York, got from them permissions of 66 exemplars of blood of people, victims of “AK-47”, and analysed their structure.

New – well forgotten aged

The answer to both questions was found quickly – it turned out that the experimental medicine AB-FUBINACA created and patented by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in 2009 was a basis of this illegal drug. The formula of this substance, most likely, was illegally received by the Chinese underground chemists who began to produce it and to sell in the USA in 2014.

The Chinese chemists modified this substance, having made it more fissile thanks to what even very small doses of this connection which Dzherona called AMB-FUBINACA, cause the very strong changes in work of nervous system.

Dzherona jokes that his team discovered this substance very quickly thanks to ability to predict future. Scientists assumed that in the market there will be soon new spices and therefore they decided to take the lead, having created new types of kannabinoid which could develop underground laboratories in China at their level of technologies and an art. And occurred in reality in July of this year.

As showed experiments with “zombie” – spices which police officers of New York shared with scientists, this substance renders the strong braking effect on nervous system of the person therefore the person who accepted it turns in the natural way into the “zombie” reacting to the events in extremely delayed mode.

It occurs on the fact that the concentration of AMB-FUBINACA necessary for achievement of similar effect is extremely small – this substance 85 times stronger affects a brain, than TGC-9, a principal component of marijuana, and 50 times stronger, than “routine” types of spices. Besides, this substance is very easily dissolved in blood and perfectly interacts with receptors of nervous cages that partially explains its high force.

What to do?

Similar property does to “zombie spices” extremely dangerous – the slightest mistake at cultivation of this substance by drug dealers will lead to the fact that the consumer of such smoking mix will be hospitalized with overdose or will just die. Therefore as scientists consider, the police and bodies supervising fight against drugs should come into close contact with chemists quickly to identify new threats and to find sources of similar dangerous substances still before they fill all narcomarket.

As Dzherona notes, his scientific team will continue to synthesize new types of kannabinoid always to be “ahead of” drug dealers and to find new spices actually right after they enter the illegal market.

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