Night sleep is more beneficial to women than men

Strong and healthy sleep is good for all — this is obvious. And a good night’s sleep helps to improve mental ability but only if you… a woman.

As found by German scientists, is due to differences in the structure of the brain of men and women, as well as hormonal changes that occur during the day.

Scientists from the max Planck Institute in Munich has studied sleeping with 72 women and 88 men. They found that during slow phase of sleep the brain waves activity, or “sleep spindles” — the ones that are responsible for liaising with intelligence. They were found only in women.

Professor Martin Dressler suggests that the presence of such “spindles” can indicate the quality of white matter in the brain: the better it is, the higher the level of IQ in humans. This means that a good night’s sleep can benefit women’s intelligence.

Participants in another experiment were 86 men who took a NAP for about 100 minutes after lunch. Was discovered the same connection between bursts of activity of the brain and intelligence, as well as during nocturnal sleep in women. Most likely, the male and female hormones behave differently, and as a result, sleep efficiency changes depending on the time of day.

Perhaps, this is a great reason to get enough sleep in the next day. Because what we do for health!

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