Norway has presented the drone capable to transport people

So far as concerns unmanned aerial vehicles which can be used in the modern industry we imagine only two types of drones: the first allow to perform delivery of small freights, and the second represent almost full-size drone helicopters. The Norwegian company Griff Aviation developed the drone which will be able to be intermediate in this classification of UAVs. The innovation received the name Griff 300 and the oktokopter weighing 75 kg who is capable to transport freight weighing up to 225 kg represents.

As it was told above, Griff 300 is an oktokopter that means availability of eight engines with propellers. Depending on the transported freight, the rechargeable battery of the drone can last for 30–45 minutes of flight.

For control of the drone it is possible to use remote controls or to establish the mobile station similar to a helicopter cabin on the UAV that will allow to manage the drone from the first person.

As useful load it is possible to use anything, however the company offers also the options of a komplektovka. The additional installations developed by the company include various designs for law-enforcement services, armed forces, fire and search and rescue groups.

Representatives of the company reported nothing about the innovation price, however shared information on one more development which will allow to transport freights weighing up to 800 kg.

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