Off the coast of the USA caught a bright blue lobster

Fisherman from Massachusetts Wayne Nickerson caught off the coast of Plymouth a bright blue lobster.

“Omar blue than the blue hydrangea that you have ever seen,” said Jan Nickerson, the wife of a successful fisherman. — It was almost fluorescent. He almost glowed”.

Oceanographers from the University of Maine (USA) believe that the chance of catching a blue lobster is about one in 2 million. And Wayne was lucky twice already. The first blue lobster fisherman pulled in 1990.

Surprisingly, the lobster, which weighs 900 grams, do not eat carnivores. Because it lacks the usual camouflage, which helps the lobster disguise.

Wayne and Jan are not planning to allow someone to eat ble. Omar kept in an aquarium in a safe place. Nickerson plan to give the rare animal at a local aquarium.
In recent time about the blue lobster is heard more often. This is primarily because of the popularity of social networks, where immediately laid out photos of unusual animals. Only in the United States each year are caught almost 100 million lobster, so 50 of them are blue.

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