Office employees in Stockholm are implanted with microchips

The founder and CEO of Epicenter, Patrick Mesterton, says that this is incredibly convenient, because a microchip the size of a grain of rice performs the role of the habit of many office employees of a magnetic card. With its help in the business center you can open electronic locks on the door, pay for lunch in a cafe, use a copy center and much more. But why carry a map with you, if the same can be done by a chip in your hand?

The procedure is similar to the usual inoculation in a polyclinic. Using a special syringe, the microchip is implanted into the hand between the thumb and forefinger. The procedure takes only a few minutes, including disinfection, and it is performed by Jovan Osterlund of Biohax. The chips use NFC technology, both in contactless cards and smartphones with contactless payments.

To the procedure of implantation of microchips with pleasure have already agreed 150 people working in the offices of the company Epicenter. And they are quite happy! It is no longer necessary to carry an electronic pass, keys, a credit card, money for machines with coffee and snacks. All this is already in your hand – more precisely, in the palm of your hand. Always. And this already raises questions about privacy, because you can not just get rid of the chip.

The chip will show the employer when the employee comes to the office and how much he goes home, what rooms he visits in the building and how often, and even what he buys in cafes and vending machines. Of course, the same data will also show corporate cards or smartphones, but if necessary they can be left in the office or at home. Chip, of course, can not. But one and a half hundred people do not frighten – they are more important to open the door with a simple wave of the hand.

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