Offshore Antarctica first discovered Sea cucumber

Sea cucumbers, they are holothurians, belong to the type of echinoderms. These are soft worm-like creatures that slowly crawl along the bottom, feeding on plankton and bottom organic matter. However, some species can swim as well, such as Enypniastes eximia, which was filmed by scientists from Australia.

The shots made with the help of a special deep-water camera with high resolution show in all details how the creature floats thanks to pseudo-fins. For its unusual appearance, Enypniastes eximia got the nickname “Headless Chicken Monster”: according to scientists, membranes make it look like “chicken, which is now sent to the oven”.

Hydrobiologists from the Australian Antarctic Division of the Ministry of the Environment caught the animal in a frame. The creature very much puzzled specialists – after all, this is just the second found representative of the species. The first and so far the penultimate time of the “chicken monster” was seen in 2017 in the Gulf of Mexico. Enypniastes eximia live at a depth of 500 meters to 5 kilometers, and do not rise to the surface.

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