On jetpacks in the Norwegian fjords

The jetpack has long existed in science fiction, but in reality it is still far from its widespread distribution. Nevertheless, the tricks on the jetpacks are really exciting.

Pilot Yves Rossi and his two students, Fred Fügen and Vince Refffe, develop what they call the first steps towards “autonomous human flight.” And you can take a look at their unique experiments with jetpacks in the next video.

This is a teaser trailer for the Loft: The Jetman Story documentary. (“Upward: The History of the Reactive Man”). The film was created jointly with XDubai, and already in the trailer the trio shows a spectacular flight in Norwegian fjords. This is extremely risky (“if something goes wrong, you will have to act very quickly,” says Reffe), but the shots are outstanding. Also in this video pilots start for the first time from the ground, and do not jump out of an airplane or helicopter, as when shooting in the United Arab Emirates. Of course, the launch platform is actually located over the precipice, but such a base jumping with a jetpack looks even more dangerous than a jump from an airplane.

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