On the basis of water will create the battery of the future

After the incident with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (the model was withdrawn from the market because of the numerous cases of fire) the development of safe energy sources intensified. A team of scientists from Harvard University, for example, has created a live streaming of the battery based on aqueous solutions.

Streaming water batteries

In the new design, based on aqueous solution of organic electrolyte and ferrocene get rid of the flaws of its predecessors. The researchers modified the molecular solutions that are used in the composition of electrolytes, making them water-soluble.

As a result, they got a battery filled with non-corrosive substances with a neutral pH. New elements are degraded much more slowly – can withstand more cycles of charging-discharging.

For a thousand cycles of charge-discharge batteries lose only 1% of capacity

Production and maintenance of new batteries are cheaper than Li-ion. According to experts, are ideal candidates for energy storage in alternative plant, solar and wind power.

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