On the island of Euboea found the ancient temple of Artemis

The Swiss team of archaeologists discovered on Evia the famous ancient temple of Artemis.

The sanctuary was searched for more than a century in the wrong place. In 2007, the Swiss team joined the search, and the search site was moved to the Paleoklisis hill near the small fishing town of Amarinf.

As a result, archaeologists found parts of the massive wall of the classical era. According to scientists, they belong to the portico in front of the temple. In 2012, a full-scale excavation began, and the team identified most of the building.

Later discovered much more valuable finds – artifacts with inscriptions. They confirm the hypotheses of scientists about the belonging of the temple to Artemis. Thanks to them you can also learn about the cultural life of the Greeks. For example, it was confirmed that the temple was the final point in the annual ten-kilometer march from Eretria, a city in the west of Euboea. It was held in the framework of the festival in honor of Artemis Amarinfskaya. Pausanias mentioned it:

On Euboea there is the city of Amarinf and the local inhabitants revere (Artemis) Amarisia. The Feast of Amaris and the Athenians celebrate with equal solemnity than the Eubians.

Strabo paid attention to the temple:

The former power of the Eretrians is evidenced by a pillar, which they once erected in the sanctuary of Artemis Amarinfskaya. The inscription inscribed on the pillar says that they arranged a festive procession with the participation of 3000 heavily armed soldiers, 600 horsemen and 60 chariots.

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