On the plateau of Nazca found the oldest geoglyph

A huge picture depicting a killer whale was found on the Nazca plateau in Peru. According to researchers from the German Archaeological Institute and their colleagues from INDEA, this is the oldest geoglyph in this place. The soil analysis shows that it was created in the 200’s. BC.

The image was found by scientists in 2013. It was located about 250 miles south of Lima.

After several years of work to restore the geoglyph, scientists came to the conclusion that they depict an orcas.

The length of the geoglyph is 60 meters. It is in the same area as other 1,500 known geoglyphs. Most of these drawings date back to the 1st century AD. BC. – VII centuries. AD

Next to the image of the killer whale are some mysterious symbols and a head. The lines forming the geoglyph are stylistically different from each other. Scientists suggest that they could be created at different times. Some of them are similar to the lines typical of the Nazca cultures, but other lines resemble those of the Parak culture that existed earlier.

The Nazca lines were discovered in the desert in southern Peru at the beginning of the 20th century. The largest geoglyphs have a size of more than 300 m.

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