On Yamal, archaeologists have discovered two ancient cities

On Yamal, two cities of the 16th-19th centuries were discovered, the existence of which archaeologists and scientists knew only from written sources. This was reported by “Sever Press”.

The find was found in the lower reaches of the Ob, Priuralsky and Shuryshkarsky regions. One of the cities is Runim. Scientists have found an ornamented ax and a fragment of a screw from a flintlock of an old gun. The artifacts, according to their version, date back to the 17th century. The second settlement is Poluisky town. Scientists discovered a large layer of wood chips, which made it possible to avoid the complete destruction of the monument.

The Scientific Center for the Study of the Arctic noted that within the boundaries of Salekhard there is a village with the same name. Previously, it was called Nosov, or Poluisky Cape Town.

Earlier it was reported that near Teriberka, Murmansk region, a group of friends decided to gather in nature and have a barbecue. However, they were prevented from cooking the meat by a bear who came to the camp of people. Vacationers climbed into the car to save themselves.

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