Orcas attack boats using new extreme tactics

Orcas are some of the most intelligent and dangerous predators in the ocean, and they have just demonstrated their new, more aggressive tactics to attack boats. For the first time, it has been recorded that orcas have begun to use their powerful tails to damage the keel plane of a boat in an attempt to tip it over.

This new tactic was seen during several boat attacks in Halifax, Nova Scotia. One witness, Kevin Kirkpatrick, said that orcas swam up to their boat and began striking the keel plane with their tails.

“They were very aggressive and deliberately tried to capsize our boat,” he said.

This is not the first time orcas have attacked boats, but previously they usually only used their teeth and head to damage the vessel. However, scientists say, using the tail to attack is a new level of aggression and skill.

Orcas are social animals that communicate with each other through various sounds and tactile contacts. They are also known for their hunting strategy in groups, which allows them to attack even the largest animals, such as whales. However, they are also known for their aggressiveness toward humans.

Scientists speculate that this new behavior may be due to a change in their natural habitat. According to recent studies, orcas are facing threats from seawater pollution, climate change and decreasing prey numbers.

“It may be a way of adapting to the new conditions,” says orca expert Michael Harrison. “They may be looking for new food sources and safer places to live, so they become more aggressive in their behavior.”

However, scientists also warn that this new behavior can lead to dangerous situations for people who are on boats or in the water near orcas. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution and avoid close contact with these powerful predators.

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