Ornithologist: birds can be carriers of coronavirus

Birds can be carriers of the coronavirus, moreover, theoretically, they can infect humans. This opinion was expressed by an ornithologist, candidate of biological sciences Eugene Koblik.

“There are a number of bird diseases that are transmitted to humans. Including viral diseases, such as bird flu. This is normal in nature. We get viruses from many animals, not just birds,” the expert said in an interview with Moscow 24.

And although, according to the ornithologist, not a single case of COVID-19 infection from birds has been recorded at the moment, he recommends less feeding of birds in cities.

It is still unknown about cases of human infection from domestic animals – dogs and cats, but the reverse cases have already been observed. It is worth noting that coronavirus also affects large cats: for example, in the New York Zoo, five tigers and three lions found an infection.

Veterinarians assure that pets from an epidemiological point of view are not dangerous for a person. However, they can carry the virus on the hair and legs, so experts recommend thoroughly washing the paws of the dogs after walking.

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