Parrots in Brazil eat bricks

There are several buildings in Brazil that are regularly eaten by flocks of parrots. Scientists still cannot accurately explain the behavior of birds, but suggest that trace elements in the bricks are to blame.

In the animal kingdom, there are birds that forage for food by “gouging” solid materials. The simplest example is woodpeckers who pierce the bark of a tree with their beaks in search of food. Some birds gnaw on nuts. All this, no doubt, for the sake of food.

Parrots are also not averse to eating, at first glance, inedible materials. Parrots often eat wallpaper, styrofoam, parts of books and paintings, and ceiling tiles. It is believed that the main reason for this behavior is the lack of trace elements in the bird’s body. Because of this, the animal begins to look for where to get the necessary substances and begins to taste everything.

The Brazilian parrots pictured here are of the white-eyed aratinga (Aratinga leucophthalmus). Its representatives live in South America and live in pairs or small flocks of 10 to 20 birds, feeding on seeds, nuts and fruits. Sometimes these parrots, according to scientists, feed on plants that may contain compounds that are toxic to their body.

One theory that explains why parrots eat brick buildings is that the bricks contain trace elements that help birds cleanse the body of toxins. There is another, simpler theory. According to her, parrots do not eat bricks at all, but simply cling to them with their claws and rest. Which of them is correct is not yet clear – for this, more research or at least observations is needed.

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