Passengers at Tokyo airport will be served by robots

The Japanese passengers in Narita international airport in Tokyo, will soon begin to help the robotic assistants Hospi(R) from Panasonic. New assistants have been testing at the airport and in the adjacent hotel ANA Crowne Plaza.

In these robots, Panasonic has developed a couple of years ago, and now gradually modify their design and, adapting to different tasks. Due to the fact that they are completely independent, perfectly oriented with the built-in sensors and thanks to the preloaded maps, no noise, but smartly doing their job, they are already used in four Japanese hospitals, where they help doctors and nurses to bring medical supplies and various other items. Electronic assistants are able to work in semi-automatic and offline.

Soon robots will begin to experience at the airport and the hotel where they will do the cleaning of the tables, and while they are warming up in the halls of the hotel, where carry cold water for visitors along the way, telling them the schedule of the buses going to the airport. These cute guys know Chinese, Japanese and English and can communicate through text messages displayed on the screen.

The testing will not last very long, only a few days, and will end already on January 27 of this year.

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