Payments in Beijing subway: scan your palm and pass

The Beijing Metro has become the first subway system in the world where you can pay by simply scanning your palm. The introduction of this innovation ensures convenience and safety for passengers, as well as reducing the time they spend in queues at the ticket office.

The new payment system was launched Monday on a subway line in Beijing. Passengers can now register their palm as a payment method, which will then be used to pass through turnstiles at subway stations.

The palm scanning system is based on contactless recognition technology. When registering, passengers need to link their phone number to their palm, and then they can pay by simply scanning it on a special scanner at the subway station.

This technology allows passengers to pass through turnstiles without the need for tickets or smart cards. This is convenient for people who forget their cards or don’t want to waste time buying tickets.

Passengers who have registered their palm can also use it to pay for other subway services, such as bike rentals.

The introduction of the new payment system in Beijing’s subway is part of a broad project to create “smart cities” in China. The national government is investing in technological innovation and developing infrastructure to make life easier for citizens.

Although the palm scanning system is new for Beijing’s subway, such technology is already being used in other parts of China. In Guangzhou, for example, passengers can pay by scanning their face.

In the future, such technology could become the standard for subways around the world. They ensure safety and convenience for passengers and help reduce the time they spend in queues at ticket offices.

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