Pets at risk: coronavirus can infect dogs and cats

In Russia, dogs and cats will be tested for coronavirus. The Rosselkhoznadzor will do this. Thus, specialists will be able to assess the extent of infection among domestic animals. Rapid tests will primarily come to large cities, as well as to those entities where there are international airports. Meanwhile, dog and cat owners these days should not only think about their own safety. The virus, as it turned out, threatens their pets.

Life in self-isolation has hardly changed. Despite the coronavirus, she walks her pets three times a day. Dog owners were officially allowed to go outside these days. But no further than a hundred meters from the house. As the woman admits, they didn’t go further without a pandemic. “There is a roadside with grass along the road, nobody walks there, and in principle it is just 100 meters for us. Life in isolation has not changed for us,” says Svetlana Khoroshenyuk, a resident of Omsk.

Unlike Russia, where in the midst of a pandemic with a dog you can go outside without restrictions, in other countries this was not so loyal. For example, in Uzbekistan, walking your pet in quarantine is now allowed only once a day. In the self-isolation mode, safety must be observed not only for people, but also for animals. First, stay away from other dog owners at a distance of 1.5 meters. Secondly, do not let anyone pet their pets. Thirdly, wash your hands more often after talking with a dog or cat. And do not allow yourself to lick.

Understanding that a dangerous virus can be brought into the house not only on clothes and shoes, but also on the feet and wool of your pets, Ilona Zakharova pays special attention to disinfection these days. The owner of the American Kennels Staffordshire Terrier Kennel after each walk processes the collars, leashes and the dogs themselves.

There are no cases of human coronavirus infection from an animal. But there is another version. That this is a purely human disease can threaten pets. “On the official website of the WHO there is information that the disease was found in several dogs, cats and even a tiger. Currently, transmission of animals from humans to humans has not been proven. According to official figures, the infection is transmitted only from person to person,” Dmitry assured Shchusov, deputy head of the department of state veterinary supervision of the Rosselkhoznadzor department in the Omsk region.

To finally understand the effect of coronavirus on animals, dogs and cats will be tested in Russia for COVID-19. First of all, test systems will arrive in large cities and where there are international airports. They will also check those pets who returned with owners from abroad.

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