Phantoms: the mystery of their origin and essence

Seeing phantoms, or ghosts, has always been an object of interest and study for many people. What are they? Where do they come from? And why can some phantoms predict the future? In this article, we will look at various aspects of the phantom phenomenon and try to unravel their mystery.

Humans have an amazing ability to create mental images. However, under certain conditions, these images can become visible – visualized. Thus, there are phantoms – energy copies not only of objects, but also of living beings. They can take various forms, from inanimate objects to people and animals.

One of the most famous examples of a phantom is the Russian Grad Kitezh, which legendarily went underwater. According to eyewitnesses, you can still hear the sounds of bells ringing and church singing from underground. The obviousness of the phantom depends on the strength of the emotions of its creator.

There are also phantom doppelgangers of people. Usually only the owner of the phantom can notice it, but sometimes they become visible to other people. Meeting with your own phantom usually does not bode well. There are many accounts of such encounters ending with tragic consequences. For example, the famous poet Percy Bysshe Shelley met his double in Italy, who pointed him to the sea and disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the poet drowned in a sailing regatta.

There are also cases where phantoms can help people in difficult situations. Writer Carlos Castaneda describes the case of his teacher, Don Juan, who fell into a river and lost his strength. Suddenly he saw a man running along the shore, who turned out to be his own phantom. This gave him the strength to get to shore.

Sometimes phantoms can predict the future. Johann Goethe tells of an experience when he saw his doppelganger dressed in a green camisole that he had never owned. A few years later, he found himself in the same place again and realized that he himself was wearing a green camisole.

Perhaps phantoms come to our world from parallel dimensions, especially during the period of weakening of astral connections of a person with his real world. However, their nature and origin are still a mystery. Researchers continue to study this phenomenon and try to find an explanation for its phenomena.

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