Phlegraya fields: possible supervolcano eruption

The Italian supervolcano of the Flegreian Fields, near Naples, has been the focus of an international team of geologists. Their research has shown that the magma chamber beneath the volcano has greatly expanded and is on the verge of rupturing. This means that the volcano could erupt at any moment.

Scientists are studying changes in the structure and properties of the “lid” of the magma chamber, for which they are observing the behavior of the Phlegreys fields and the surrounding rocks. According to their calculations, the pressure in the bowels of the volcano has increased significantly, which is associated with the accumulation of volcanic gases and the movement of magma flows at a depth of three kilometers. These processes caused 600 seismic shocks in April this year and led to a weakening of the strength limit of the “cover” of the magma chamber by 60% compared to 1984.

The eruption of the Phlegreys fields could be the largest volcanic cataclysm in human history. Supervolcano with a diameter of about 12-14 kilometers is located a few kilometers west of Naples. Its eruption about 40,000 years ago may have been one of the reasons for the extinction of Neanderthals in Europe.

Authorities in Italy and other neighboring regions of the world should be prepared for a possible eruption of the Phlegrean fields. However, as scientists point out, the probability of this is not one hundred percent.

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