Photos of the oldest trees of the planet

For more than ten years, Beth Moon has been wandering around the remotest corners of our planet in search of the oldest and rare trees. But this period is so small in comparison with the age of the giants, whose portraits it creates. After all, some “models” of the photographer hundreds and even thousands of years.

Beth became the author of a series of pictures with poetic names – “Ancient Trees” (Ancient Trees) and “Island of the Dragon’s Blood” (Island of the Dragon’s Blood). In this project, you can enjoy photos of the forests of Socotra in Yemen. Also here you can see the rare Dragon trees – they grow only on the plateau of the island and are considered fragments of the ancient flora of the Earth. According to an old legend, there lived a dragon who hunted elephants and drank their blood. On a place where the predator and its victim perished in the battle, giant trees grew up. A series of “Diamond Nights” (Diamond Nights) is interesting night shooting. In Moon pictures, giants with an upwardly directed crown against the starry African sky look fantastic.

Beth Moon photos are not so much works of art as a cry for help. Powerful, at first glance, century-old trees suffer from human activities and disappear irrevocably, taking with them to the earth entire ages. Photographs of the photographer draw the attention of various organizations to this problem, show how valuable trees are for history and culture.

Great Western Red Cedar / © Beth Moon

The Forest of Shebon / © Beth Moon

Rose of the desert / © Beth Moon

Lira / © Beth Moon

Whale / © Beth Moon

Fig Tree – Strangler / © Beth Moon

Italian teapot / © Beth Moon

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