Physicists have figured out how wormholes could allow time travel

A ring wormhole is a curvature of space-time that forms a circular shape, allowing travel between different points in space-time without having to travel great distances or time. This opens up possibilities for time and space travel that were previously thought to be impossible.

However, in order to use ring wormholes for travel, ways to create and control such structures must be developed. Scientists Frolov, Krtoush and Zelnikov have proposed a new approach to creating circular wormholes that involves time warping.

The idea is to use gravitational fields to distort time around an annular wormhole. This would create a closed loop of time that could be used to travel to the past or future.

However, creating and controlling annular wormholes is a complex task requiring vast energy resources and technological capabilities. In addition, there are many technical and ethical problems associated with time travel.

One major concern is that time travelers can alter the past, which can disrupt cause and effect relationships and create parallel time lines. This could have serious consequences for human history and development.

In addition, there are ethical issues associated with the use of time travel. Some people may use such technology for personal gain or malicious purposes, which could have serious consequences for society and individual people.

Nevertheless, research into wormholes continues and scientists hope that in the future a solution will be found to create and control such structures. This will open up new possibilities for exploring the universe and time travel.

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