Pictures of the sounds

Techmoan has repaired and modernized one of the first models of oscilloscopes, demonstrating how to convert music into three-dimensional visuals without the use of modern programs-Visualizers.

Long before the days when WinAmp took a Visualizer, oscilloscope could make sound visible, bringing the green line on a black background. But few truly appreciated the potential of this feature. But that’s what happens when you make music from sounds, which in themselves constitute a certain visual range.

Oscilloscope is an instrument designed for the study (observation, recording, measurement) of the amplitude and time parameters of the electric signal supplied to its input, either directly on the screen or written to the photoblog. Channel Techmoan repaired almost the earliest example of oscilloscope, Tektronix 760A.

After that he uploaded his collection called Fenderson’s Oscilloscope Jerobeam Music, recruitment music that consists of sounds corresponding to a particular sequence. For those who want to experiment yourself, on the website Fenderson there is a detailed instruction on startup. In fact, it is not so difficult: you have to output both channels from audiointerface in oscilloscope, which can work in mode X/Y.

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