Planet Earth is resting from people

Now the thoughts of most of the inhabitants of our planet are occupied with one problem – the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, for humanity it’s bad, but for our planet it’s good. Maybe the Earth just decided to take a break from us? Amazing shots were shot on the coast of Sochi, between Khost and Kudepsta – huge schools of fish are rushing around the shore for which dolphins are hunting and this is right on the shore!

How could such a thing be imagined recently in these places constantly filled with vacationers? The video was shot yesterday – April 6, 2020. And this happens all over the place – as soon as people spent some time at home, nature revived. Wild animals appeared on the streets of the cities, schools of fish and dolphins sailed to the shores of the famous resort beaches.

But after all, very little time has passed during which people have reduced their violent activity. widespread and comprehensive gait on the planet. Is man the king of nature? But what if people self-insulate for a year? We are not gentlemen of nature, we are only a small part of it and we all should not forget about it …

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