Plastic bottles found on the bottom of the Big Blue Hole

The Big Blue Hole is located in the Caribbean, in the territory of the Belize State. It is one of the most recognizable wonders of nature in the world and a popular diving destination. Her popularity was greatly contributed by the legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who explored it in 1972.

Now the blue hole is being studied by his grandson Jacques-Yves – Fabian. And it is not anybody who helps him in this matter, but Richard Branson is a billionaire, the founder of the Virgin company. Together they organized a special expedition to fail on two submarines. A 3D scan of the walls and the bottom of the Blue Hole was carried out during the study.

The condition of the sights of researchers is not pleased. “The most important monsters for the ocean are global warming and plastic,” writes Branson in his blog about the expedition. “It was very sad to see plastic bottles at the bottom of this hollow […]. We must all get rid of disposable plastic. ”

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