Polish psychologists have repeated a cruel experiment

Polish specialists decided to check the findings of the American researcher Stanley Milgram in the 60s of the last century. Psychologists have found out that 90% of Poles can cause severe pain to another person on command.

American social psychologist Stanley Milgram has become famous as the author of one of the most controversial psychological experiments in history. The scientist tried to find out if a person is able to hurt someone, if that is part of his duties. To the idea of ​​conducting such an experiment, Milgram pushed the cruelty of the Nazis in concentration camps. Initially, they even wanted to conduct the experiment in Germany, but then moved to the United States.
The essence of the experiment was as follows: one of the participants had to memorize pairs of words, while the subject was ordered to punish this person for making mistakes by current strikes. On the device was indicated the power from 15 to 450 V. It turned out that the majority of participants in the experiment step-by-step brought the voltage to maximum, while the “careless student” did not cease to give signs of life. At the same time, the latter was not helped either by his cries or even by complaints about a sick heart. No current, in reality, of course, was, and the role of the victim was performed by the actor. However, the experiment for understandable reasons caused a very ambiguous reaction from the public.

Conducting an experiment by Stanley Milgram / © Colta
In a new experiment conducted by specialists from the University of Social and Human Sciences (Poland), 40 Polish men and the same number of women aged 18 to 69 took part. In front of them were 10 buttons, which, according to the script, adjusted the current capacity. It turned out that 90% of the Poles were ready to bring the power to the maximum by command.
The experiment showed that cultural differences do not have a significant effect on the results of the “concentration camp” experience. In other words, US residents, like residents of Eastern (Central) Europe, can hurt others if they are required to do so. The reason for this, according to experts, is the authority of the one who orders to execute the “criminal” action, but not the sadistic tendencies of a person.

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