Poltergeist: a mysterious force that is noisy and terrifying

We’ve all heard stories about poltergeists – mysterious phenomena that occur in homes and cause fear and anxiety among residents. But what does this phenomenon really represent? Where does its name come from? And what changes has it undergone over time?

The word “poltergeist” comes from the German language and means “noise” and “spirit”. It is these two aspects that are key in defining a poltergeist. It is some kind of force that is capable of making noises, rumbling, banging and moving objects. Some poltergeist witnesses also report strange sounds, screams and tapping.

It is interesting to note that poltergeists have been known since ancient times. However, only at the end of the XIX century began serious research into this phenomenon. Parapsychologists and researchers of psychic phenomena have devoted much time to the study of poltergeist and its manifestations.

Previously, poltergeists were associated with some evil force that threw dirt, stones and other objects at people. However, the modern poltergeist has acquired other capabilities. It can now twist light bulbs, make phone calls, and even commit sexual assaults. These changes in poltergeist behavior are evidence of its adaptation to modern technology.

Poltergeist activity usually begins suddenly and can last from a few months to several years. However, it often stops as suddenly as it started. Interestingly, poltergeist does not occur if no one is in the house. It only manifests itself in the presence of a certain person.

The outlines of a poltergeist are rarely visible to the naked eye. People experiencing its effects often feel discomfort and unexplained fears. Headaches, dizziness and the sensation of another person’s presence can all be associated with poltergeists.

However, despite the fact that poltergeists usually remain invisible, some people claim that they have been able to see the essence of this phenomenon. One such witness is Oleg Phillipov, an engineer from Zaporozhye. He told about his experience of encountering a poltergeist and how he was able to discover its hiding place in his apartment.

Phillipov noticed that the poltergeist was hiding in a dark corner of the kitchen, behind a cupboard and refrigerator. There was a narrow window there that did not serve its function and was covered by the cabinet. It was there that Phillipov assumed that the poltergeist spent its time watching from the window to the street. To appease this entity, Phillipov would even leave milk in a saucer under the window.

Thus, poltergeists are mysterious forces that can make noise, move objects and cause fear in people. They were known in ancient times and continue to attract the attention of researchers to this day. Despite the fact that poltergeists often remain invisible, some people manage to see their essence and even establish contact with them.

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