Predictions for the 3rd Decade of the 21 Century

With the 2nd Decade of the 21st Century coming to a helter-skelter end, I am wondering what people here think will happen during the next decade. Some of the things I think will happen:

Work from home will become the norm. This will result in a glut of office space that will be converted to mix use (residential, retail, and office)

Ghost Kitchens will become the predominant restaurant model starting with fast food.

VR and or AR will permeate all aspects of life.

Theaters of all types (movie and stage) will be on the decline replaced by streaming with VR/AR enhancements. First run movies will have a premium or PPV price tag

Sports attendance will decline replaced by streaming via VR/AR from premium locations in the stadium.

CGI will replace most live actors and locations. It will also be used to put the movie goer more in the movie via VR/AR

Mind you, if you were to ask me this at the same time next year, none of these would probably be on my list. This also does not include some of my more darker predictions will I am still working on. Consider I like to write Dark Fiction/SciFi/Fantasy, that will probably be VERY DARK.

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