Progress does not affect human anatomy, said anthropologist

Modern scientific and technological progress has almost no effect on human anatomy, because it is going very fast, and biological progress takes hundreds of millions of years, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, associate professor of the Department of Anthropology, Biological Faculty, Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Candidate of Biological Sciences Stanislav Drobyshevsky.

This year, the Department of Anthropology of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University is 100 years old.

“Late scientific and technological progress had almost no effect on our anatomy. Rather, it had an impact on physiology. For example, the large amount of plant food that humans have consumed since the time of Neanderthals has led to mutations that contribute to the best splitting of starch in our body. But this – insignificant progress. The fact is that the scientific and technological process is very fast, and biological progress takes hundreds of millions of years. Therefore, in order for the scientific and technological process to affect our biology, it is necessary his achievements have not gone out of our lives for hundreds of years in a row. But it is quickly changing, “said the scientist.

Drobyshevsky noted that as a result of the fact that the ancient man began to manufacture tools, he had formed the so-called labor complex of the brush. In this, he said, the human biological changes associated with the development of progress are over. But the brush was modified because the survival rate of the species directly depended on the manufacture and use of tools.

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