Project Kino: robotic “smart” clothing

The new Project Kino technology allows you to create jewelry for clothes with the help of small “smart” robots that constantly move around the person.

Last year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) introduced small robots that can crawl on clothes with the help of magnets. They found a new application – decorating clothes.

The robots were dressed in multi-colored cases that fit the style of clothing. They became elements of jewelry, which are constantly moving on clothes. Also, the robot can create a pattern on the velvet fabric.

But robots can not only decorate, but also help the owner. For example, they can effectively remove the hood from a person or perform the role of a microphone if one of them moves closer to the head.

The author of technology Prokect Kino believes that such robots will become indispensable elements of “smart” clothing:

We think of wearable devices as personal pomoshchniki. We think that in the future they will have their brains and they will be able to recognize your habits, learn the professional style, and when they are smaller – will fit into the style of your clothes – Cindy Xin-Liu Kao is one of the creators of Project Kino technology

While the size of robots does not allow to make a universal decoration for any person – they are too big and conspicuous. But the technology looks impressive.

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