Prolonged life with fasting

Scientists of the National Center for Scientific Research in France have shown that reducing the number of calories in the daily diet prolongs life in primates. The researchers came to this conclusion on the basis of the results of an experiment involving lemurs.

In a long-term study, experts evaluated the survival rate of mouse lemurs (Microcebus), whose caloric intake was reduced by 30 percent. The experiment lasted for 10 years. An experienced group, where the animals were on a diet, was compared to a control group in which lemurs were fed a normal food.

It turned out that the first life expectancy increased by 50 percent. A third of the animals, limited in caloric intake, were still alive when the last lemur from the second group died at the age of 11.3 years. On average, the primates of the control group survived to 6.4 years, and experienced – to 9.6 years.

The positive effect was accompanied by a decrease in the incidence of age-related diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as maintaining physical activity and cognitive abilities. The organism of old lemurs in the first group, in its morphology, resembled that of young animals; in addition, the atrophy of white matter (nerve cell processes) slowed down and the loss of gray matter (the body of neurons) in the brain decreased.

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