Pyongyang moved to virtual reality

North Korea is one of the most mysterious and closed countries in the world. Now you can get there without any problems, but the tourist trip is quite expensive, and not everyone has a desire to travel, but look at Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, while wanting. Therefore, a virtual tour developed by the Swedish startup SceneThere, can be a good alternative for those who have not yet decided on the trip or just want to satisfy their curiosity.

The founder of SceneThere filmed the life of the citizens of the DPRK on 360-degree cameras and was able to show the city as ordinary people see it every day. The program can familiarize with various sights, wander through the streets and look at what the citizens are doing in the morning, at lunch time and after a day’s work. Young people are dancing, someone is fishing, officials are hurrying about their business.

The program has the opportunity to explore in detail the various attractions of the capital of the DPRK, having bypassed them from all sides. For convenience, they are brightly marked with round marks and signed.

Operator Marcus Olsson said that during the shooting, no one interfered with him, and the residents behaved in a friendly and open manner. Olsson was invited to the DPRK for a conference, and in his spare time he was able to shoot a lot of high-quality material. The program is already available for download at the Oculus Store. For those who do not have virtual reality glasses yet, the developers have prepared a web version of the application, accessible through this link.

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