Pyramids found in Russia twice as old as Egyptian pyramids

Ancient pyramids have always attracted the attention and interest of scientists and the public. However, when it comes to the pyramids, the first thing that comes to mind are the Egyptian pyramids. Few people know that in Russia there are also ancient pyramids, which are much older than their Egyptian counterparts.

One of these pyramids was found in Siberia, on the border with Kazakhstan. Its age is about 12 thousand years. Thus, it is 7 thousand years older than the pyramids in Giza. One more pyramid has been found on Kola peninsula and its age makes about 9 thousand years.

The pyramids in Russia are not as well studied as the Egyptian pyramids, but some scientists believe that they may be related to the oldest civilization that existed in Russia more than 10 thousand years ago.

One of the main arguments supporting the theory about the oldest civilization in Russia is the presence of megalithic structures. Megaliths are large stone blocks that were used to build pyramids and other structures. Megalithic structures have also been found in Russia, which indicates that ancient people in this territory were engaged in the construction of similar structures.

Some scientists believe that the pyramids in Russia may be linked to an ancient civilization that was forced to leave its native land due to global climate change. This civilization may have moved to Egypt and other parts of the world, where they continued building pyramids and other structures.

In addition, there are other theories that explain the origin of the pyramids in Russia. Some scholars believe that they were built for the burial of ancient rulers or for ceremonies related to the sun cult.

Although the pyramids in Russia are not as well studied as the Egyptian pyramids, they still attract the attention of scientists and the public. Studies of these ancient structures can help us better understand the history of mankind and its culture.

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