Quarantine has a negative effect on memory similar to imprisonment

A study by scientists from the University of Aberdeen has shown that quarantine can have a negative effect on memory. The results were published in the journal PLOS ONE.

During the study, more than 200 volunteers were asked to name the year in which important news events occurred. Participants had to answer questions about when the coronavirus vaccination began, when Meghan Markle joined the royal family, when Donald Trump was blocked on social media, and others.

The study found that volunteers remembered the events of 2021 about as poorly as those of four years ago. And people who were highly stressed and anxious performed worse.

According to the researchers, a similar thing happens to prisoners in prison who lose the ability to track the passage of time. The volunteers had no life events, such as birthday parties and holidays, that could be used as landmarks to track the passage of time.

Experts advise not only to monitor their mental health during quarantine, but also to try to create vivid events in their lives so that they do not lose their ability to track the passage of time.

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