Reading mindset headset will allow dumb “talk”

Technology think to speak (“think to speak”) works by reading the brain waves of the user, and then expresses them in the form of phrases through a special application: prose for the smartphone. The application, which is the basis of Smartstones, will help “talk” to people with speech impairments.

The headset will allow people with diseases such as cerebral palsy and autism to communicate their thoughts and feelings to others.

Smartstones reads a person’s thoughts about movements to sound a phrase tied to this sequence of movements. That is, when the user thinks about a certain movement (for example, about a wave of his hand), which must be pre-linked to a specific command or word, the headset sends a signal to the smartphone, the application: prose, in turn, processes it and pronounces the ready phrase. In fact, Smartstones works similarly to gestures and touch interfaces, only eliminating physical movements.

As the creators of the project expect, their development can replace all modern devices that allow people to communicate with speech impairments.

At the moment Smartstones is testing, and the results are already surprising. One of the participants in the test was able to express their thoughts without much effort, and this is incredible, considering that the training of using other technologies that help communicate, took years.

The app: prose is available for iOS, and Smartstones is running a beta version of think-speak technology, which should improve noticeably in the near future.

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