Reasonable aliens can be cars

Any kind of aliens to which people can come into contact, most likely, won’t be similar to you or me or on seven-legged creations from recently shown movie “Arrival”. If the extraterrestrial type becomes rather developed to send signals which people of Earth can catch, most likely, it will already dump the biological vestments and will become a form of machine intelligence. So Seth Shostak, the known “aliens hunter” considers.

In confirmation of the words Shostak specifies a way of mankind. People invented radio in the 1900th and the computer in the 1945th, and today make rather cheap devices which computing capacity exceeds brain capabilities. Not far off and emergence of this, strong artificial intelligence, experts believe. The famous futurologist Ray Kurtsveyl, for example, stakes for 2045.

“Perhaps, it will be 2100, either 2150, or 2250. It isn’t important”, Shostak in September on the Dent:Space conference presentation in San Francisco said. “The matter is that we can hear any society which invents radio, within several centuries, and then it invents something else. And it is important as there are machines further”.

Some time of AI will be reported with a body of people, but eventually people will get rid of the sacks with meat and will become completely digital, Shostak considers.

“Provide that you create four-cylinder the engine. You establish it in a horse and receive a horse quicker. But soon enough you arrive at an idea: let’s get rid of a part of a horse and we will just make Maserati, Shostak says. “Most likely, and will be”.

People machines will become is cleverer and are more capable, quicker and quicker, he adds. Now intelligence of mankind are a result of four billion years of Darvinian evolution which uses accidental variations as raw materials and doesn’t set any specific purpose. But evolution of machine intelligence will be planned and effective, Shostak says.

“As soon as you invent the conceiving car, you speak: invent something better than, and you receive it. Then you speak to this new creation: make something better than and so on”.

This thought has serious consequences in the light of search of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Unlike terrestrial organisms, the superdeveloped extraterrestrial cars can not demand water or other chemicals for survival therefore they won’t be tied to the house of the ancestors too closely. And the travel on huge distances won’t be for them a problem provided that they will have an access to enough raw materials and energy to support repair during the millennia.

“We continue to look in the directions of star systems in which there can be manned worlds, in our opinion, on which the biology can gather in clever guys like us. But I don’t think what will be quite so”.

Shostak says that he doesn’t suggest the colleagues from SETI to stop a research of potentially manned planets of terrestrial type like recently opened Proxima of b which is in only 4,2 light years from us. And simple life forms could inhabit quite such worlds even if their main digital inhabitants have left them long ago. But, perhaps, it makes sense to expand searches on regions of space which can be more attractive to digital life forms — somewhere where energy is a lot of, in the centers of galaxies.

“Perhaps, exactly there live clever beings”, the scientist says. “Perhaps, we should look for such places in the sky which connect two places a lot of energy and to try to find between them traces of communications. We look for similar to ourselves, but hardly the most part of intelligence in the Universe is similar to us. I would argue that it not so”.

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