Revelations experienced mechanic

Looking at the mountains, written, retold, overheard on the work of the service center, I, as a layman, there was an unshakeable impression that the average STO – citadel of evil, fraud and theft. Not to mention about the official dealers – there’s generally all of the devil…

On the other hand my 30-year experience in this field, just wondering – where did all these the most that neither is the gossip?! Apparently I bothered to work exclusively with the conservatives, which the client with a single drop of antifreeze, take three days of fasting in atonement for this terrible sin! Pardon me, well not met I for the life of this mechanic-the legend that the oil in the canister hides in its dimensionless storage, and the client swears on the Bible that the oil is varied, the motor – song, sir ! Probably he (the legendary mechanic) has an overwhelming passion for new brake pads! Judging by the forums to anyone they do not change. Don’t understand how then manage on worn pads to skate for another fifty thousand miles… But there is a compelling argument – uncle Misha from a nearby garage, who does not understand is that in the motor of the spaceship, and there you will find what to advise. Summary he has one:

eh,neighbour, played you, as a farmer of pigs. There are still “familiar dogs that keep your car”, but Misha still – automotive Chuck Norris – the best. Why did he just not replace neighbor the other piece, which in his opinion, the repairmen just have to steal and slip instead of her trash from the dumpster? For example the tie rod. Mechanics are all without exception are idiots and just dream of leaving the forest to cut wood for the machine flown away in a ditch… Apparently uncle Chuck reached the eighties the car level when you can go in the trash 82-year issue and give advice. And who won’t listen, the jerk is still unwise and this life not seen.

Useful: the work of the service is impossible without a quality lift, which can be purchased at where the MTAC you can find other equipment for service centers.

I do not argue that the direction of services on repair of cars far from ideal. But pouring all the accumulated slop there too not worth it. There are so many wonderful mechanics, whose hands do not grow randomly from all parts of the body, especially the lower part. And from the most that neither is on the shoulders. And they are a huge affection for his work. And your Zeleznicni – part of that love. Well, the source of existence at the same time.
And you can make a mistake in any case.

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