Ridley Scott said he believes in aliens

Ridley Scott for almost 40 years is at the helm of a movie about alien invaders from distant space. And as it turns out, this is not a coincidence at all, since Scott believes that similar events with people can happen in reality. In an interview with the British television channel Sky News, Sir Scott (the director recalls the British knight title) said that he actually believes in aliens, or, he says, “super-beings”.

This, however, is not surprising. Scott spent most of his career creating films about aliens (the most recent will be “Alien: Covenant”, starting in Russian cinemas on May 18). As Sky News notes, Scott is not alone in this opinion. Online poll YouGov, conducted in 2015, showed that half of Americans, British and Germans believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. A later poll also showed that 4 out of 5 Canadians too.

“I once talked to an expert from NASA, and he told me:” Have you ever looked at the night sky? Do you really think that we are the only ones? “Wow, a question, right?” – commented Scott.

“In general, the researchers decided to calculate how many different species can be. So they say that about 100-200 entities somewhere out there right now can have a similar evolution to us, “continued the director.

However, Scott believes that it is unlikely that all these species will be represented by exceptionally friendly civilizations. And although many, of course, wanted the first meeting between us and other developed civilizations to resemble a meeting of people and Vulcans (from the movie franchise “Star Trek” – Ed.), According to Scott’s first meeting, it may most likely be similar On footage from the “Independence Day”. Especially if we are stupid enough to provoke them to it.

“In short, if you see something big in the sky, then you better run. Because this something can be much smarter and more dangerous than you. Any provocation, and you will be destroyed in 3 seconds, “Scott added.

About whether he had a belief in aliens before the work on the first film “Alien” or after, Scott, unfortunately, did not mention.

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