Robot android EveR6 conducted an orchestra in Seoul

Last Friday night in Seoul, South Korea’s national orchestra witnessed a unique event as the robotic android EveR6 tried its hand as a conductor. This experimental project, created by the Korea Institute of Technology, aroused great interest among the public and music industry professionals alike.

Starting his performance with a polite bow to the audience, EveR6 quickly won their favor. The applause grew louder with every move he made. The robot conductor masterfully manipulated the baton, creating precise and detailed movements and controlling the tempo of the music being played.

The orchestra’s regular conductor, Choi Soo-Yeol, was amazed by the robot’s skill. He noted that EveR6 was able to control traditional Korean music with incredible precision. However, Choi Soo-Yeol also admitted that the robot has a “critical weakness” – it cannot listen to music. Perhaps in future versions of EveR6, the designers will add working ears to fix this weakness.

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics eagerly follow the development of projects such as EveR6. They see them as having the potential to create new opportunities in the music industry and other areas of the arts. Robotic conductors can become not only an addition to classical orchestras, but also open new horizons in experimental and electronic music.

However, despite all the advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, many scientists are investigating the extent to which robots can replace humans in the arts. They point out that art is not only about technical performance, but also about the emotional and spiritual component. It is these aspects that can be challenging for robots, which do not yet have human feelings and intuition.

Nevertheless, the development of robotics and artificial intelligence continues, and many scientists believe that in the future we may encounter new forms of art created with the participation of robots. This may not only be a challenge for traditional artists, but also an opportunity for experimentation and new discoveries.

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