Robot-basketball player defeated professional players

Specialists of the Toyota Engineering Society created an anthropoid robot basketball player, who was named CUE. Android falls into the basket with 100% accuracy.

The engineers of the company built it for the 70th anniversary of Toyota and put the robot against professional basketball players. CUE won – 10 accurate hits from 10 against 8 from rivals. True, the robot can not walk, so all the balls are thrown from one position.

The growth of the electronic player is 190 cm, and the static position on the field is due to the fact that it is fixed on a heavy platform. It does not allow you to drop when throwing, and also accepts power wires.

A hundred percent hit in the basket is the result of the work of the neural network. Artificial intelligence in training made about 200 000 shots in the basket, analyzing successful and unsuccessful throws. Now CUE always hits the target from a distance of 4 meters.

KUE is the offspring of 17 engineers who collected it in their spare time. None of them had previously engaged in artificial intelligence or robotics – they searched all the necessary data on the Internet, and the robot itself was collected from what was at hand.

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