Robot “PizzaBot 5000” collects pizza in less than 1 minute

Lab2Fab, a division of Middleby Corporation, unveiled its new pizza machine, the PizzaBot 5000, at the Smart Kitchen Summit.

PizzaBot 5000 (or “PB5K,” as L2F President Sean Lange called it during the presentation) is a closed robotic system that will spread sauce and cheese onto pizza dough and cut into pieces of topping. From there, the pizza is removed from the machine by a human or other robot and placed in the oven for cooking.

PB5K does not use ingredient cartridges. Instead, it has large containers for cheese and sauce. Pepperoni is loaded whole and sliced ​​on demand (you can set the thickness). The entire system is cooled to ensure food safety.

PB5K works with three main ingredients (sauce, cheese and pepperoni), which it can mix in less than one minute. Lange said the PB5K’s advantages are that it can cook pizza all day and uses sensors and cameras to accurately distribute ingredients, which reduces food waste and saves restaurants money.

Lange drew the audience’s attention to the fact that instead of a linear approach to assembling pizza, Middleby chose a “cluster” layout of their machine (it is all placed in one case). This gives the PB5K a smaller footprint, with a machine size of around 3-4 square meters.

PB5K will go into beta in the first quarter of next year. Lange said the price is $ 70,000 for one PizzaBot 5000.

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