Robot spiders weave wall network

Spiders are amazing creatures, capable to cause in people both horror and admiration. German scientists from the Stuttgart Institute for computational design (ICD) was inspired by spiders when designing a pair of amazing robot moving along the walls and weave their nets of rope-based carbon fibers.

The resulting structures at the end of the process may sleep like in a hammock, an adult. The developers of robots called his concept “swarm construction”, as the robots interact with each other.

Now we are at a very early point of our journey in terms of the study of the architectural potential of this construction system. But we are confident that with the help of such robots in the future it will be possible to create such structures, which would be impossible to erect other ways, ” explains the head of research of the ICD Akim Menges.

In the video below you can see two robot-spider weaving its amazing network. It’s just a wall-mounted hammock, but imagine that these babies can create in the future, when scientists will improve them and learn to work with other materials, in addition to cables. Active interaction of two mechanical builders is a stunner, despite the fact that we are seeing the early stages of this experiment. Scientists are currently improving the software robots to teach them to work on different surfaces and in different conditions.

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