Robots are taught to walk like people

Swiss researchers are developing a robot that can walk more naturally, understanding its own “body.”

To teach bipedal robots to walk is not very difficult; where it is more difficult to make them walk naturally. Swiss researchers are developing COMAN (Compliant Humanoid) – a robot that learns to move more naturally, according to the portal Engadget. It uses a combination of more flexible, flexible connecting parts and a control algorithm that helps the device to understand its own “body”.

COMAN is able to recognize symmetries in its dynamics and structure, which not only helps it to walk more naturally, but also allows you to grab objects, navigate uneven surfaces (for example, stairs), and also respond to unexpected situations. If the robot is pushed, it will know exactly where to put the foot so that it does not tip over.

At the same time, technology can not yet ensure the interaction between a robot and a human. At least because the device needs a “head” so that it can independently explore the surrounding world.

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