Robots that help scientists monitor wildlife

In order to get as close as possible to the wild animals, the operators of the TV channels about the nature of going to all sorts of tricks. Some of them got huge telephoto lenses, and shoots from afar, and someone is trying to merge with the landscape and holds in wait hours or even days. But there is another way to get close to the reclusive animals as close as possible – the use of special robots that are disguised as those things for which they have to observe.

Robot spies you need to make the most plausible to wild animals not suspected a trick and fled from the camera hidden in one of the eyes of a doll. Specialists in manufacturing such mechanisms is carefully studied, as it should move or that animal in vivo, to accurately reproduce its movement and to give their robot. It turns out that the resulting monkeys or meerkats know how to pose, moving ears and tails and even welcomed these animals. In the video we see John Nolan, engaged in the creation of these robots for many years, creating their offspring.

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